Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sometimes, I just don't know what I ate.

Sorry for the long delay; I spent the majority of this week battling the Google Spam filter, who had deleted this blog because it suspected I wasn't a real person. Either my writing skills are so super fantastic that I appear to be a robot, or my writing skills are so super awful that I appear to be a robot. Anyway, I took a few days to escalate this enough to speak to an actual person, and have my blog turned back on. Either way, I was too exhausted by the end of the week to post. I ate a few meals, but they were just repeats of last week. Stay tuned!

Eating out can be difficult with food allergies, and no matter how hard I try, I still end up having a reaction to something. Yesterday I went out to a delicious gluten-free pizza place, however, I am beginning to suspect they used soy flour and/or almond flour in their pizza dough. I don't know. I should have inquired more.

Anyway, I'll take this time to say this: Be prepared to have an allergic reaction. Take whatever medication your doctor prescribes you, out with you, in case you have a severe reaction. Most of my allergies are fairly mild, however, it didn't take long to notice that I was having some sort of reaction to something when I got home. I started getting a headache, and felt nauseated, so I took some NyQuil and went to bed. I slept it off, slept for about 12 hours. Know your body, and know what you need to do to feel better. Sometimes you just can't avoid it!

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